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Areas of Specialty
* Prevention: heart disease, cancer, diabetes
* Lifestyle: nutrition, exercise, sleep
* Wellness: psychological, social, spiritual
* Treatment: stress relief, weight loss, smoking cessation

Despite education in modern medicine and psychiatry from Penn and Stanford, Eastern philosophy inspires the foundation for Dr. Jayaram's treatment approach. Dr. Jayaram is an Eastern holistic doctor who integrates Western medical principles, rather than the other way around. He bridges the expertise of the East and the West to provide improved mind-body balance and wellness.

Dr. Jayaram incorporates Indian, Chinese, and Tibetan systems such as Vedanta, Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism. He draws most extensively from Vedanta and Buddhism. Who better to teach the intricacies of the East than one who has been immersed in Eastern ways since birth? Who better to share the wisdom of the East than one who has deepened his insights from direct experience of Himalayan living?

The East proclaims that no one path exists to greater joy, peace, and fulfillment. Each person has a different composite of attributes and experiences. Accordingly, Dr. Jayaram enriches mind-body wellness with preventive and therapeutic approaches uniquely tailored to each individual. By combining elements of the major paths to enlightenment outlined by the East, Dr. Jayaram collaborates with each person to fine tune the most appropriate path for that single individual. Working together with each person Dr. Jayaram utilizes fundamental Eastern principles, such as meditation and non-attachment, to inspire practical solutions for daily life.

Dr. Jayaram realizes the limits of his own approaches and the benefits of numerous other modalities. Therefore, Dr. Jayaram collaborates with other local providers to encourage and develop a holistic treatment plan. Individual preferences and needs are considered to coordinate additional methodology.

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