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Article VIII: Life as a Series of Experiences

One way to analyze life from a Vedantic perspective is to consider the fundamental units of life - experiences. Life can be viewed as nothing more than a series of experiences. By analyzing and perfecting each experience, one can perfect life and achieve peace. An experience requires three parts: a subject, an object, and the experiencing (the interaction between the two). The subject is you, and the object need not be a physical object, but is anything that you interact with in your environment, any stimulus. The method of approaching this analysis is threefold: sravanam, mananam, and nidhidhyasanam. One must first hear the Truth (sravanam), or be exposed to the concepts. Then one must think about the Truth (mananam), or discuss it with others. And one must absorb the Truth through life and meditation (nidhidhyasanam). Hopefully, we can aspire to incorporate all three into our lives, which do not necessarily need to be approached in that order. (Consideration of life as a series of experiences is based on the writings of Swami Chinmayananda.)

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