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Article LXXI: Mind and Intellect

This article continues with the chariot analogy in the Katha Upanishad from the previous articles. The analogy suggests that one must utilize the intellect and the mind to control the senses. After utilizing the mind and intellect as tools to control the senses, one can then transcend the mind and intellect to reach true realization of the Self within - the bliss of enlightenment. The mind and the intellect can be guided by the Divine Self within in order to detach from the temporary pleasures of the world and unite with supreme, eternal bliss.


Katha Upanishad

The context of this scripture is a dialogue between Naciketas, a spiritual aspirant, and Yama, the god of death:

III.9: The man who has intelligence for his charioteer and the mind as the (well-controlled) rein, -- he attains the end of the journey, that supreme place of Visnu (the all-pervading Atman).
III.10: The objects are superior to the senses, the mind is superior to the objects, the intellect is superior to the mind, the Great Atman is superior again to the intellect.
III.11: The Unmanifested is superior to the Great (Atman), and the Purusa is superior to the Unmanifested. Nothing is superior to the Purusa, -- that is the end, that is the supreme goal.
III.12: The Atman, hidden in all beings, reveals (itself) not (to all) but is seen only by the seers of the subtle through their pointed and subtle intellect.
III.13: The wise should merge the speech in the mind and that (mind) in the intellect, the intellect in the Great Self and that (Great Self again) in the Self of Peace.
III.14: Arise, awake, (O man)! Realize (that Atman) having approached the excellent (teachers). Like the sharp edge of a razor is that path, difficult to cross and hard to tread, -- so say the wise.

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