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Article LXV: Dharma for Students

One's dharma, or duty, is not always straightforward, and it can be especially challenging for younger people. Students are faced with a variety of decisions, and it can be difficult to make choices appropriate to following one's dharma. Furthermore, students often have a great deal of schoolwork, which may prevent them from pursuing a spiritual path of righteous duty. In actuality, simply being a student can be fulfillment of one's duty at a particular time in life. One may have different duties at different times throughout life, but whatever the duties are, one can aspire for spiritual growth in each action.

For example, the focus that one can develop through study may easily be applied toward focus necessary for meditation. The development of the intellect through scholarly pursuits can be of great value for understanding and absorbing Truth of the scriptures. Although meditation can be an incredible tool for spiritual growth, it is important to aspire to experience that same peace throughout other times of the day. Some also find peace in music, or arts, or yoga, or sports, but that inner-peace can be approached at any time in any activity. Scholastic endeavors, meditation, and other pursuits allow one to approach Divine inner-peace, and these may all be used as tools to facilitate one's experience of peace during all other times as well.

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