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Article LXI: Non-Attachment and Love

It may seem rational to remain non-attached to the material objects of the world, but it is not so straightforward how one can love without being attached. In relationships, an important principle to consider is that of selfless love. One may surrender to the Divine in pure devotion, expecting nothing in return. Analogously, one may love others in a similar way by finding the Divine in others. A great sage once said, "We are not human beings with a spiritual experience, but we are spiritual beings with a human experience." Vedanta proclaims that humans are essentially Divine so it is important to orient oneself to that Divine within. Guided by that inner-Light, one may aspire to act selflessly and love selflessly such that nothing is expected in return. By loving in this selfless way, all action within relationships may be performed with righteous intention and devoid of attachment to the results.

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