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Article XLVI: Selfless Pursuit of Enlightenment

Sometimes it is difficult to reconcile one's pursuit of enlightenment with selflessness. However, Vedanta considers ultimate Existence-Consciousness-Bliss to be undifferentiated, which means that one's journey to enlightenment is of benefit for existence as a whole. If the pursuit of enlightenment is comprised of selfless acts, how can that pursuit be selfish? Also, by living in a selfless, detached way, those around will benefit and can follow by spiritual example. There can often be a synergistic effect on people's approach to enlightenment. Some can be selfless through good works that are overt to any observer, but others can be selfless through the peace that they bring to the world through their spiritual pursuits even in seclusion. Swami Chinmayananda once wrote that great yogis in seclusion bring such extraordinary love and peace to the world in ways that most people do not even understand. Regardless of how one pursues enlightenment, one is not being selfish in any action that brings one closer to enlightenment.

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