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Article IV: The Meaning of Life

Again, the meaning of life can be different for each person, but what is it that unites the meaning of life from a Hindu perspective? That universal goal is known as moksha. Moksha, or mukthi, literally means freedom, but further means freedom from rebirth; enlightenment; removal of ignorance; becoming one with God; or simply becoming God. Moksha is the same in essence as nirvana or samadhi. Vedanta asserts that we are all truly divine, but the ignorance of maya causes us to experience transient joy and suffering. When the ignorance is removed and our true essence revealed, we will be freed from the transience of the world, and we will experience enlightenment as eternal and infinite existence, consciousness and bliss. The transient joys we experience in everyday life are merely reflections of the ultimate bliss that is our true nature.

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