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Article III: God

One view is that God is incomprehensible in the truest sense. Another view is that God is the epitome of good and represents the triumph over evil. God could also be considered as beyond good and evil. God could be considered as all- loving. God can be Vishnu, Brahma, Shiva, Durga, Krishna, Ganesha, Brahman, Agni, Soma, Surya, or even Jesus, Yahweh, or Allah, just to name a few forms. Since God is considered infinite, any form confines God to something that is finite. Therefore, each form is a way to represent one of the infinite aspects. Krishna showed Arjuna His true form during His delivery of the Gita, and Arjuna experienced the infinite nature of God. Although the Veda Samhitas describe numerous, elaborate forms of God and rituals, a theme that resurfaces again and again, is that the "Truth is one. Sages call It by various names... These various names manifest the different aspects and attributes of the same and one Reality" (Sama Veda).

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