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Article XXVIII: Tantra

Abstinence from indulgence is not the only path toward enlightenment described by Hinduism. Within Tantric Hinduism, it is believed that by over-indulgence in the world of sense objects, one can realize non-attachment and approach enlightenment. However, it is very important to note that this is not a hedonistic point of view. It is also important to note that there is very little information widely available about Tantra, and it, therefore, should only be pursued in the context of an appropriate guru, who is an expert in the practice of Tantra. There are innumerable rituals and practices necessary to appropriately practice Tantra, and it is essential to have a guru to lead and elucidate the Tantric path. However, from the reliable information that is available about Tantra, one belief is that by over-indulgence, one can realize the transience of sense pleasure and the illusionary maya veiling the true Self. Although wealth and attachment to money is generally seen as a problem in the rich, sometimes the millionaire can be non-attached to money while the homeless man is ironically attached to a blanket, his sole possession in the world. The millionaire may search for peace through accumulation of wealth, but may ultimately realize that the path has not led him or her to true bliss. In this example, the millionaire can approach non-attachment to wealth by having indulged in riches without finding peace. This example is somewhat analogous to a Tantric approach to enlightenment.

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