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Article XXII: Name and Form

Amritabindu Upanishad
13: Just as it is the jar which is being removed (from one place to another) changes places and not the Akasha enclosed in the jar -- so is the Jiva which resembles the Akasha.

The analogy of the jar and akasha, or space, is used to illustrate the name and form which arises from maya, the illusionary superimposing force. Although the jar can be moved from place to place, the space which it moves through remains unchanged. The jar merely compartmentalizes the space into different forms with different names. Maya has the same effect on the Divine. Maya limits ultimate existence-consciousness-bliss by compartmentalizing into names and forms. By destroying the jar, only the all-pervading space remains, just as by transcending the body and the mind, only Brahman remains.

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