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Article XXI: Reflections of the Divine

Amritabindu Upanishad
12: Being the one, the universal Soul is present in all beings. Though one, It is seen as many, like the moon in the water.

The analogy of the moon reflected in water is to illustrate the multitude of the Divine. The Divine is present and reflected through all existence, just as the light of the moon is reflected in all water. Although the Divine may be reflected in different forms, Divinity is ultimately undifferentiated at the source. Divinity may be represented by various forms like Krishna, Shiva, and Ganesha just as the moon can be reflected differently in lakes, rivers, and oceans. Divinity can be tainted by the maya of the world just as the moonlight is blurred by the waves of water. However, Divinity remains pure and untainted by maya just as the moon itself is unaffected by the reflection of its light on the turbulent waves of water. Hence, the Divinity within us is untainted and pure, and it merely must be uncovered, or dis-covered.

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