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Article XV: Transcending Beyond the Mind

Ultimately, one must transcend the layers of the mind to become one with Atman, the Self. The mind exists as maya superimposed upon Atman, which must be uncovered to reach enlightenment. However, the paradox is that we must quieten and calm the mind to use it as a tool to remove maya, ultimately including the mind itself. Manas must be controlled so that our minds can be detached from sense objects. The transient joys and sorrows from sense objects can lead to disorder, but detachment allows us to control the emotions and approach the eternal bliss beyond the transient emotions. Ahamkara must be removed so that egoism is destroyed and selflessness prevails. Only through selflessness can one realize the unity of Atman and Brahman. Buddhi must be used to discriminate between what is transient and unreal, maya, from what is eternal and true, Atman. In this way, the mind can be used as a tool to remove maya, ultimately including the coverings of the mind itself. Hence, the maya of the mind is removed to reveal Atman within, which is no different than Brahman, the infinite Existence, Consciousness, and Bliss beyond space, time, and causation.

Bhagavad Gita, Chapter V
5: The state reached by the jnanis is also reached by the karma yogis. He sees, who sees jnana and karma yoga as one.
11: The yogi, abandoning attachment, performs work with the body, the mind, the intellect and the senses only for self-purification.
12: Abandoning the fruit of action, the yogi attains peace born of steadfastness; impelled by desire, the non-yogi is bound, attached to fruit.
16: Shining like the sun, knowledge reveals the Supreme in them, in whom ignorance is destroyed by Self-knowledge.
19: Transitory existence is overcome even here by them whose mind rests on equality. Brahman is flawless and the same in all; therefore, they are established in Brahman.
24: He whose happiness is within, whose delight is within, whose illumination is within only, that yogi becomes Brahman and gains the Beatitude of Brahman.
28: The sage who has controlled the senses, mind, and intellect, who is solely pursuing liberation, who has cast away desire, fear, and anger, he verily is liberated.

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