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Article XII: Relationship with God

Interesting insights are drawn from Krishna's relationship with the Pandavas (God incarnate with the princes of the time). The Pandavas often saw Krishna as their friend, but what are the implications of such a relationship between man and God? Devotion to God can take many forms, and to see God as a friend is one of several ways to relate with God. In a talk on Bhakti Yoga, Swami Vivekananda describes different levels of the human representation of the Divine ideal of love. Shanta is a peaceful, calm love of God. Dasya is love of God as a servant of the Lord. Sakhya is seeing God as a beloved friend. Vatsalya is loving God as a child. Madhura is loving God as a man and a woman love each other. All of these are ways to love God and attempts to express the inexpressible, infinite love for God.

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