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Article CXVI: Deciding Through Divine Orientation

Vedanta asserts that the Divine is within, and one can orient to the Divine within to approach enlightenment. Every action has potential to bring one closer to enlightenment, and each step toward enlightenment can allow one to experience greater bliss and peace, even in non-enlightened living. In daily decisions, one can choose actions by searching within for answers. Guided by the Divine within as well as Vedantic principles, e.g. selflessness and non-attachment, one can achieve greater perfection in action and ascend closer to enlightenment. Being conscious of our decisions and aspiring for those ideal actions both aid in our ability to walk the path to enlightenment. The Gita will further describe and explore the considerations of how to act in an ideal way to best approach enlightenment.

Gita Full Text:

Bhagavad Gita: Chapter II -- Translated by Swami Chinmayananda

16. The unreal has no being; there is no non-being of the Real; the truth about both these has been seen by the Knowers of the Truth (or the Seers of the Essence).
17. Know That to be Indestructible by which all this is pervaded. None can cause the destruction of That --- the Imperishable.
18. They have an end, it is said, these bodies of the embodied-Self. The Self is Eternal, Indestructible, Incomprehensible. Therefore, fight, O Bharata.

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