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Article XI: Non-Attachment and Selfless Work

In the path of karma yoga, one must be detached from one's actions. One should work selflessly without any attachment to the results of one's actions. From a devotional perspective, one should act selflessly and offer the fruits of the actions to God. From a strictly karmic perspective, one should do good works for the sake of doing good. By doing one's duty without attachment, one can obtain enlightenment.

However, questions arise about how you know your duty and how you should distinguish right from wrong. These are indeed complex questions, but as long as you remain selfless and focused on the Divine, these questions are more easily approached. In life, you will have many duties, and you should approach life's work righteously by orienting yourself to the Divine. By searching for your true inner-Self, acting with selfless intentions, and not being attached to the fruits of your actions, you can perfect your actions to approach enlightenment. Let your guide be the Atman within, which is one and the same as the infinite, eternal Brahman -- absolute Existence, Consciousness, and Bliss beyond space, time and causation.

Quotes from the Bhagavad Gita, Chapter III
19: Constantly perform your obligatory duty without attachment; for, by doing duty without attachment, man verily obtains the Supreme.
30: Surrendering all actions to Me, with your thoughts resting on Self, freed from hope and selfishness and cured of mental fever, engage in battle.
34: Attachment and aversion of the senses for their respective objects are natural; let none come under their domination; they are verily his enemies.
39: Knowledge is covered, O son of Kunti, by this insatiable fire of desire, the constant foe of the wise.

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